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About Us

Linguapol is a one-stop destination for learning foreign languages.

We specialise in teaching a language, grooming the student for the interviews, arranging placement with the corporate giants like Amazon, IBM, Wipro, etc, clearing international foreign language examinations like IELTS, SIELE, CELPE-BRAS, etc. We have a team of experienced young teachers who are versatile in their fields and understand the learning requirements of the youth. We are here to deliver the results while you have fun and learn a new language with us!

  • Indulge with us in our interactive language courses.

  • Preparing students for real-world success, ensuring 100% placement assurance.

  • Passionately guiding students in every aspect of learning, We have a team of highly qualified trainers.

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Awareness of easy career options and job opportunities in the language sector.

Our Missions

Discover our Mission and Vision


Building Student’s Careers

In this era of globalization, our mission is to train students to elevate their careers through a linguistic approach.


Bridging the Gap

Our mission is to bridge the gap between individuals or cultures by overcoming language barriers, facilitating better communication.


Alternate Education

We believe in providing alternative career options for students and individuals to build their careers and achieve success in life.

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The highest-rated offline and online Portuguese course is here to turn you into a master of multilingualism. Not just Portuguese, learn other brilliant and interesting languages such as French, Spanish, German, and Russian.

Linguapol- Your Hypermarket of Foreign Languages

Linguapol makes you a master in some of the finest languages in the world, Portuguese, French, Spanish, German, and Russian. From assured fluency to top-notch jobs in the biggest corporate giants like Amazon, IBM, Wipro, and many more, the best Portuguese language course online and offline with Linguapol lets you reach the highest levels of success!

Crack the international foreign language examinations like IELTS, SIELE, and CELPE-BRAS with the help of our enthusiastic and highly qualified young teachers who are specially trained to help the youth of our country. Come study Portuguese online and offline or pick from the other amazing language options and enhance your skills whilst having fun!

Linguapol, Your Multilingual Door

Online Course

Master the most popular languages in the world from anywhere and everywhere. Linguapol’s French, German, Spanish, Russian, and Portuguese language lessons online have a very flexible learning curve.

Easily Customisable

Your language course will be just how you want it!

A fun way of learning

Linguapol uses an immersive and creative teaching style which lets learning be a fun experience.

Dedicated teachers

The offline and online courses to learn Portuguese, French, Spanish, German, and Russian at Linguapol are the most committed bunch of people who ensure complete success.

Interactive classes

Linguapol’s interactive German, French, Spanish, Russian, and Portuguese language classes online and offline prepare the students for the future and help them with a holistic learning and development process.

Recognised certification

Linguapol provides the best offline and online Portuguese courses with certifications that are recognized worldwide.

Immersive Learning Techniques

What separates Linguapol’s foreign and Portuguese language classes from the rest is the use of real-life conversations, cultural insights, engagement with multimedia resources, authentic materials, interactive exercises, etc.

Flexible Learning

From time to hours to methods, the learning process in Linguapol is extremely flexible.

Job Guidance and Placement

With a 100% placement guarantee in some of the leading companies, Linguapol ensures that students are on the right path after the completion of their German, Russian, Spanish, French, and Portuguese language courses.

Appropriate Curriculum

All courses at Linguapol are approved by the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference). The curriculum adopted by Linguapol for all its language courses for students is created in a very engaging and unique manner that allows all of them to develop their skills and abilities along with mastering the language. From beginner to advanced levels, our school workshops, engaging classes, competitive exams, corporate training sessions, and courses are designed for everyone with a 99.9% rate of success!

Come and Be a Part of the Best Language Program

Join hands with thousands of students shaking hands with millions of multilingual speakers and top every chart in the world. The best French, Russian, German, Spanish, and Portuguese language courses online and offline, Linguapol, welcomes you with open arms.

Find the best teachers, the best curriculum, the best teaching and learning methods, and the best and the most competitive and creative environment, all at once, all in one place-Linguapol!


What our Students said about us

Our students, those who have been trained in language courses from Linguapol have been placed in top-notch companies, and here they are sharing their thoughts and experiences at Linguapol and how our team has guided them to their dream companies.

I enrolled myself in Linguapol in the beginning of the year 2021. In February, 2022 I was hired by Wipro, Gurgaon in Portuguese language.I learned not only Portuguese language, but also learned how to crack an interview. I got a job in my first interview and my package was 3x the salary I was earning before.



Batch of 2021

I am a wife and a mother. It took me a lot of dedication to learn a new language. I worked really hard and the teachers always motivated me. The classes were not only full of knowledge but also fun and rejuvenating. I took extra classes to prepare for interview.I got a job in Amazon in August, 2021. I got an excellent package along with a WFH option. Thanks to Linguapol for making this possible!


Ratanpriya Singh

Batch of 2021

I didn't realize when I started to speak Portuguese so fluently... The classes were filled with fun and games. I cracked a job in my 1st ever interview. This was before I finished my B2 level.Now I'm working in Concentrix, Gurgaon. I always had a dream of working in a big MNC. This is my dream come true!



Batch of 2022

My brother suggested me to learn Portuguese. That was the best decision of my life so far. I have many degrees in education but learning Portuguese only helped me build my dream career! I cracked an interview in my first attempt. I joined Concentrix, Gurgaon in January, 2024



Batch of 2022

I was already working in Accenture when I came to know about the importance and demand of Portuguese language. I learned it online from Linguapol. I also finished the course of Business Portuguese from Linguapol.I got a 70% salary hike in my own company because of my contribution in dealing with the native Brazilian clients.



Batch of 2023

Our Blogs

Latest Blogs


A Beginner's Guide to Learning Portuguese in Delhi: Tips and Resources

Are you in Delhi and looking to embark on a journey to learn Portuguese? Whether you’re interested in the language for travel, business, or personal enrichment, plenty of resources and options are available to kickstart your learning journey. In this guide, we’ll explore some tips and resources to help you master the beautiful language of Portuguese right here in Delhi.

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Beyond the Classroom: Immersive Portuguese Language Experiences in Delhi with Linguapol

Are you ready to embark on a linguistic journey that transcends the confines of traditional classroom learning? If you're passionate about mastering the Portuguese language and delving deep into its cultural tapestry, let's navigate through the vibrant avenues Linguapol offers in Delhi.Studying Portuguese online offers the flexibility to learn at your convenience,

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Mastering Portuguese from Home: The Benefits of Online Language Courses in Delhi

In the current world, being able to communicate successfully always adds up to your advantage. Foreign languages generally open up new opportunities and enhance your career prospects.With the emphasis on online education due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people have had opportunities to learn new skills without having to go through

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Welcome to Linguapol

Language is more than simply a medium of communication for us at Linguapol; it is a gateway to other perspectives, cultures, and possibilities. As Delhi's best language learning location offline and online, we provide many courses to help you study Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Russian, and many more languages. Linguapol has the appropriate course for you; whether you are trying to improve your language abilities or are a novice wishing to learn a language from scratch, Linguapol is the place for you. Linguapol is more than a language school; it offers experiential learning possibilities.

Linguapol goes beyond the mundane confines of typical language education by utilizing a team of native-speaking professors who are not just language experts but also passionate about cultural exchange. Language acquisition is more than just grammar and vocabulary; it is about understanding the fundamentals of communication and culture.

  • Our commitment to your success : Linguapol is devoted to equipping you with the skills and information you need to excel in the global workplace. Our practical and relevant courses focus on real-world language skills you can use daily. Whether you are learning Portuguese, French, Spanish, German, Russian, or another language, we aim to help you become a confident and proficient speaker. We emphasize practical skill development, intercultural awareness, and professional preparation, preparing students to thrive in international workplaces and pursue lucrative career opportunities worldwide. We aspire to create a lifelong learning community that values language, cultural diversity, and continuous development. We envision a world where employers seek our graduates for their distinct language skills, cultural knowledge, and adaptability. Learn Portuguese with Linguapol. We also provide training on other languages, such as Spanish, German, Russian, and French, in both online and offline modes.

  • Master Portuguese with Linguapol: your gateway to a rich culture and global opportunities : Linguapol provides comprehensive Portuguese language classes online and offline for all levels, from beginners to experienced learners. Our offline and online courses help you build a strong foundation in Portuguese grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation while emphasizing practical language skills you can apply in everyday settings. Whether you're studying Portuguese for personal enrichment, career, or vacation, our courses meet your requirements.
    Our expert instructors are native Portuguese speakers excited about teaching and sharing their culture with individuals worldwide who want to learn. They use a conversational approach to language training, ensuring you are actively involved in learning. With our welcoming learning environment and innovative teaching methods, you'll be on your way to mastering Portuguese and exploring the rich culture of Portuguese-speaking countries.
    Portuguese is more than just a language; it's the gateway to a thriving culture. With over 220 million Portuguese speakers worldwide, learning the language may lead to economic, tourist, and cultural prospects.
    Linguapol provides comprehensive Portuguese language classes in Delhi, both in person and online, to help you achieve competence rapidly. Our instructors are native speakers eager to share their language and culture with their pupils. Whether you want to study Portuguese for vacation, a profession, or personal enrichment, our courses are designed to meet your goals. Learning Portuguese may give you a competitive advantage in the employment market over other languages. Organizations seek Portuguese-language workers as Brazil and other Portuguese-speaking countries play increasingly essential roles in the global economy.

  • Immerse Yourself in Spanish with Linguapol : The world's second most spoken language is Spanish. There are more than 460 million Spanish speakers in the world. Learning Spanish will provide access to various markets and cultures, particularly Spain and Latin America. Linguapol's Spanish courses are taught by native Spanish speakers who will help you become proficient rapidly. Our Spanish course, online and offline approach is meant to be exciting and interactive, focusing on practical language skills you can apply in real-life settings. Our courses are designed to match your specific goals, whether you're studying the language for personal enrichment, vacation, or employment.

  • Discover the Beauty of German with Linguapol : German is Europe's most widely used language, known for its clarity and efficacy. Learning German can help advance your profession, especially in engineering, research, and technology. Linguapol's German language classes are designed to help you understand the language, emphasizing grammar, vocabulary, and conversational skills. Our knowledgeable professors native speakers, are dedicated to helping you become fluent in German. They use a communicative teaching method to ensure you are actively engaged in learning. Whether you're a novice or want to improve your language skills, our German courses are tailored to your needs.

  • Experience the Richness of Russian with Linguapol :Russian is Europe's most frequently spoken native language, with an estimated 260 million speakers. Learning Russian may open up opportunities in business, diplomacy, and culture. Linguapol's Russian courses are taught by qualified instructors who will help you understand the language excitingly and interactively. Our Russian courses help you develop a solid foundation in Russian grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation while stressing practical language skills you use daily. Whether you're a beginner or want to enhance your language skills, our Russian courses are tailored to your needs.

  • Explore the World of French with Linguapol : French, sometimes known as the language of romance, is spoken by millions worldwide and offers chances for business, travel, and cultural experiences. Linguapol's French courses are intended to help you become fluent in speaking, reading, and writing French, emphasizing practical language skills. Our experienced lecturers, who are native French speakers, are ready to share their language and culture with students. They employ a communicative teaching style that fosters active participation in the learning process. Whether you are a novice or want to enhance your language skills, our online and offline French courses are designed to meet your needs.

  • Your journey starts here : Go on board on a journey of language learning with Linguapol. Our course approach is meant to teach you a new language while also immersing you in the diverse cultures that make up our planet. Linguapol offers the ideal course, online and offline whether you wish to advance your job, enrich your life with new language abilities, or improve your travel experiences. Our expert instructors, dynamic learning materials, and supportive community will make learning a new language an enjoyable experience. Our commitment to your success extends beyond the classroom as we prepare you to thrive in international jobs and navigate diverse cultural contexts.


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