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About Us

Linguapol stands out as India’s top-most institute for Foreign Language courses.

At Linguapol, Our objective is to offer top-nontch foreign language courses to students, Our primary emphasis is to provide excellence in educating Portuguese. We also offer comprehensive courses in French, Spanish, German, and Russian languages.

  • Indulge with us in our interactive language courses.

  • Preparing students for real-world success, ensuring 100% placement assurance.

  • Passionately guiding students in every aspect of learning, We have a team of highly qualified trainers.

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Our Mission

At Linguapol, Our mission is to equip students with the language skills and cultural competencies needed to succeed in the global workplace. We are committed to providing comprehensive language instruction with diversity and business applications needed to make it easier. We prioritize practical skills development, intercultural understanding, and professional readiness, preparing students to succeed in international workplaces and pursue rewarding career opportunities worldwide. Our mission is to promote a lifelong learning community that embraces languages, cultural variation, and continuous improvement


Our Vision

Our vision is to be the premier destination for students seeking foreign language training and global employability. We envision a future where employers will increasingly seek our graduates globally for their unique language skills, cultural awareness, and adaptability. The aim is to leverage our students’ linguistic skills and multicultural skills to facilitate employment. We want to be a leader in innovative language teaching and career development and shape the next generation of global professionals in the fields of international business, diplomacy, tourism, etc. so that they can realize their full potential and make a meaningful impact on a global scale.


What our Students said about us

Our students, those who have been trained in language courses from Linguapol have been placed in top-notch companies, and here they are sharing their thoughts and experiences at Linguapol and how our team has guided them to their dream companies.

I enrolled myself in Linguapol in the beginning of the year 2021. In February, 2022 I was hired by Wipro, Gurgaon in Portuguese language.I learned not only Portuguese language, but also learned how to crack an interview. I got a job in my first interview and my package was 3x the salary I was earning before.



Batch of 2021

I am a wife and a mother. It took me a lot of dedication to learn a new language. I worked really hard and the teachers always motivated me. The classes were not only full of knowledge but also fun and rejuvenating. I took extra classes to prepare for interview.I got a job in Amazon in August, 2021. I got an excellent package along with a WFH option. Thanks to Linguapol for making this possible!


Ratanpriya Singh

Batch of 2021

I didn't realize when I started to speak Portuguese so fluently... The classes were filled with fun and games. I cracked a job in my 1st ever interview. This was before I finished my B2 level.Now I'm working in Concentrix, Gurgaon. I always had a dream of working in a big MNC. This is my dream come true!



Batch of 2022

My brother suggested me to learn Portuguese. That was the best decision of my life so far. I have many degrees in education but learning Portuguese only helped me build my dream career! I cracked an interview in my first attempt. I joined Concentrix, Gurgaon in January, 2024



Batch of 2022

I was already working in Accenture when I came to know about the importance and demand of Portuguese language. I learned it online from Linguapol. I also finished the course of Business Portuguese from Linguapol.I got a 70% salary hike in my own company because of my contribution in dealing with the native Brazilian clients.



Batch of 2023

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