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Our Methodology

We understand that learning a new language is a big deal. But we save you the sweat! Here at Linguapol, we believe in a gamified way of learning languages. We aim to make our classes fun, immersive and interactive. Our teachers take the burden of planning interesting lessons and introducing customized course materials so that YOU can have fun while you learn.

We not only teach you the language but also take you through the countries, people, culture, holidays, food and festivals of those who speak that language as their mother-tongue. We create a whole new world for you, with the help of technology, where you can explore the universe that a language can bring to you.

Interactive Sessions

- Interaction with peers
- With teacher
- Audio-visual interaction

Have fun while you Learn

- Fun exercises
- Games with scoring and reward points
- Real-life translation & interpretation

Timely Recruitment

- Creating a whole new environment in the class for practising the language.
- Audio-visual interaction with native speakers.
- Creative role-play.
- Working on real-life projects and internships

We Follow the CEFR guidelines to teach European Languages

What is CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference)?

The common European framework of reference for languages is an international standard for describing language ability. It provides a common basis for language learning, teaching, assessment, and communication across Europe and beyond. This makes it easier for anyone involved in language teaching and testing, such as teachers or learners, to see the level of different qualifications
A1 Level

It is also known as the beginner level, At this level, learners will be taught basic phrases and ways to use familiar everyday expressions. They will be equipped with enough vocabulary to give an introduction about themselves and others. They’ll also be taught to answer simple questions about personal details such as their residence, their relationships, etc.

A2 Level

At this level, learners will be taught basic sentence formation and ways to state frequently used expressions related to relevant areas of interest e.g., basic personal and family information, etc. They will be able to Communicate in simple, everyday tasks as it require no more than a simple and direct exchange of information on familiar and routine matters.

B1 Level

This is the intermediate level of learning, at this level, learners will be taught how to communicate effectively on familiar matters encountered regularly at work or school, leisure time, etc. At the end of this level, learners will be able to deal with most of the daily life situations likely to arise during traveling, working, and many more. Forming simple connected texts or sentences on these topics of personal interest is also a part of this course.

B2 Level

At this upper-intermediate level, Learners will be equipped with the knowledge and ideas to form complex sentences on all concrete and abstract topics, including discussions on technical topics or specializations. At the end of this level, they will be able to interact with a degree of spontaneity and fluency in their tone that will make regular interaction with native speakers possible without any strain for either party.

C1 level

At this level, learners will be able to understand a wide range of demanding, longer complex texts, also recognizing their meanings. They will be able to express themselves fluently without any obvious search for expressions. They will be able to use language effectively and flexibly for all academic and professional purposes.

C2 Level

This is the proficiency level. Learners at this level have mastered the language. They will be able to understand almost everything they read or hear effortlessly. Summarizing information, and reconstructing arguments from different sources and accounts is what learners will be proficient at. Their language will be flexible and accurate, allowing them to convey precise meaning in complex sentences.

Following Details under each Level

Couse Level Duration Number of Lectures Batch Size
A1 3 months 45 8 (Maximum)
A2 3 months 42 8 (Maximum)
B1 2.5 months 42 8 (Maximum)
B2 2.5 months 42 8 (Maximum)
C1 2 months 40 8 (Maximum)
C2 2 months 40 8 (Maximum)

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