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Portuguese language courses at Linguapol are designed to immerse you in the rich culture and linguistic heritage of Brazil, Portugal and beyond. Whether you're a complete beginner or seeking to refine your skills, our Portuguese language course is all that you need, our comprehensive curriculum covers all aspects of Language learning.

Portuguese courses provide numerous opportunities for career advancement, and to explore Portuguese culture, literature, and art. In today's world of dynamic changes, proficiency in multiple languages has become an important part of corporate life. So learning Portuguese is an investment that yields lifelong rewards.

What will I learn?

  • Portuguese is the sixth most spoken language in the world, with over 285 million speakers, and is the official language of 8 countries. So keeping these data in mind, we assure you 100% placement opportunities, After the end of this course you will be eligible for jobs in various fields, i.e. translator, technical writer, tour guide, sales and marketing, foreign embassies, international business, export houses, and language teachers.

  • The core offerings of our institute are to guide students toward their goals. These include certifications and experiences we offer our students, along with preparing them for job opportunities, by arranging workshops and one-to-one conversations with native speakers. These assessments will help track your progress and identify areas for improvement thus taking you closer to your ambition.

Portuguese Language Proficiency Test

The official Brazilian Portuguese proficiency test, known as CELPE-Bras (Certificado de Proficiência em Língua Portuguesa para Estrangeiros), is given by the Brazilian Ministry of Education. It evaluates the students' speaking, writing, listening, and reading comprehension, and is often required for admission to Brazilian universities, job applications in Brazil, and immigration purposes.

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    Instructor: Mrs Raka Adhikari

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    Lectures: 42

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    Duration: 12 Weeks

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    Enrolled: 20 Students

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    Language: Portuguese

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    Medium of Instruction: English & Hindi

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Framework of the Course

A1 level (Basics)

This is the first level of language, here students are introduced to Portuguese language, we begin from scratch and continues till you become an advanced learner. Our course is crafted to introduce students not just to the Portuguese language, but their culture, and countries where Portuguese is spoken. A1 level includes learning basic vocabulary of the course, introducing yourself in the Portuguese, and forming sentences in simple present tense.

A2 Level (Higher Basics)

This is the second level of Portuguese learning. Here we will take your grammar learning to the next level, i.e. extensive grammar sessions that include learning about the past present, future, past, imperfect tenses, etc., It includes advanced-level sentence formations through nouns, verbs adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, etc

B1 Level (Intermediate)

B1 is the 3rd level of language learning, this is the professional level of learning Portuguese. Here, we will introduce you to the work and culture of Brazil and Portugal. And along with that, we will make you familiar with the advanced tenses, i.e. imperative, subjunctive, conditional—direct and indirect speeches, active passive voices, comparative and superlative, etc.

B2 Level (Higher Intermediate)

This is the B2 level which is the minimum level to get a job, here we’ll train you for interview preparation, email writing, and live chat. You will be arranged interactions with native teachers, listening and analyzing news, practicing and speaking the native accent. After you have passed the B2 level you will be eligible for applying jobs.

Business Portuguese

Business Portuguese are integrated course for B1 and B2. These courses are specially designed for advanced interview preparation and job eligibility. We will provide you with mock interviews, revision, and doubt-clearing sessions, whenever required. Our curriculum is designed to enrich your corporate vocabulary and familiarize you with Portuguese slang, and proverbs, Rest assured we guarantee 100% placement assurance.

Following Details under each Level

Couse Level Duration Number of Lectures Batch Size
A1 3 months 45 8 (Maximum)
A2 3 months 42 8 (Maximum)
B1 2.5 months 42 8 (Maximum)
B2 2.5 months 42 8 (Maximum)
C1 2 months 40 8 (Maximum)
C2 2 months 40 8 (Maximum)

Are you confused about choosing your language course, here's why Portuguese is the ultimate choice:-

  • Portuguese is renowned for its simplicity, it’s quick and easy to learn as compared to other languages, is a straightforward language, and will provide you with an efficient path to fluency.

  • Portuguese is not known by many people. Therefore we can say it is an uncommon language among those seeking to learn foreign languages. There are more Portuguese employers and fewer learners, hence more demand and less supply. So learning Portuguese will guarantee you placement opportunities without any doubt

  • As stated earlier, there are fewer learners in this field which means less competition, but there are ample job opportunities and they need people to fill up these vacancies, so less competition, and it's easy to get a job.

  • Higher salary as compared to more common languages. Portuguese is an uncommon language among people so it leads to higher salary prospects as compared to other common foreign languages. Proficiency in Portuguese opens up windows for lucrative career opportunities and enhanced earning potential.

Scope of Learning Portuguese language

Proficiency in Brazilian Portuguese opens up a wide range of career opportunities. With the increasing globalization of businesses, there is a growing demand for professionals who can communicate effectively in Portuguese.

It also opens up opportunities for networking and building connections with individuals and organizations across borders. Whether for professional collaborations, cultural exchanges, or personal relationships, speaking Portuguese can facilitate meaningful connections with people from diverse backgrounds. So mastering the Portuguese language can open doors to a world full of possibilities

The influence of Portuguese in Brazil

Portuguese is the official language of Brazil and is spoken by the majority of the population. All official, governmental communications, business dealings, media, etc., are done in Portuguese language. In Brazil, it is not just a means of communication but an essential part of their national identity and culture. It is the primary language used in literature, music theatre, cinema, and other forms of expression, it is also taught in schools across the country as a compulsory subject to ensure its prominence in the country. Overall the scope of the language is extensive in Brazil and if you are planning to shift there or looking for job opportunities out of India, then learning Portuguese is the finest choice.

What will you learn

Enhanced Listening Comprehension

Our Portuguese courses crafted specifically for students will enhance your communication skills and boost confidence.

Improved pronunciation

Regular practice and feedback, will help you develop better pronunciation skills, enabling you to communicate effectively and confidently in a Portuguese-speaking environment.

Vocabulary Expansion

These Portuguese courses will allow you to acquire a broad range of vocabulary related to everyday life, thus expanding your vocab to the next level.

Enroll Now in our Online Crash course – Learn in 7 days!

In our crash course, we will equip you with the basics of the Portuguese language course in just 7 days. So Enroll now for fun-filled sessions, interactions, games, exercises, and a seamless learning experience. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to kickstart your language journey!


Learn Portuguese Language

Career Opportunities

Proficiency in Portuguese can significantly enhance your career prospects, especially in industries such as international trade, tourism, diplomacy, and MNCs operating in Portuguese-speaking regions

Higher Education

Learning Portuguese can open doors to study abroad opportunities in Portuguese-speaking countries, leading to cultural enrichment and expanded academic horizons.


Popularity for Portuguese speakers is steadily increasing, making it a valuable asset for individuals seeking to connect with diverse communities both domestically and internationally.

International Job-Market

The international job market for Portuguese-speaking people is huge. Companies need employees who can communicate with Portuguese clients giving them a competitive edge in the market.

Travel Opportunities

Knowing Portuguese can enrich your travel experiences, especially in countries like Brazil and Portugal, renowned for their vibrant cultures, stunning landscapes, and rich histories.

Networking Opportunities

Language proficiency in Portuguese can expand your professional network, Networking within Portuguese-speaking communities can lead to valuable personal and professional connections.

Global Citizenship

It allows you to engage meaningfully with people from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds, fostering mutual respect and cooperation on a global scale.

International Communication

We facilitates effective communication with Portuguese speakers, fostering cultural understanding and cooperation. It can break down language barriers and promote meaningful dialogue.

Business Expansion

Knowing the language can enhance your travel experience leading to more leisure trips.

Master Portuguese: Choose the Right Course For Yourself In Delhi

Portuguese is regarded as a Western language. More significantly, more than 250 million people speak it in more than nine European and American nations. Many people acquire Portuguese specifically in order to move to Portuguese-speaking nations and for tourism, leisure, and commercial interests. Whatever your reason for wanting to learn, most individuals find learning Portuguese difficult. We at Linguapol provide both online and offline Portuguese lessons in Delhi so you can quickly pick up the language's flawless flair.

Let us highlight the factors one should consider before selecting the perfect Portuguese course for yourself.

1. Recognize your objective:

Describe why you want to learn Portuguese. Understand why learning is necessary for everything from business to school to leisure travel since formal educational and professional language learning differs from the informal language used for travel. Depending on your objective, you can reduce your selections.

2. Examine the forms of courses:

Are you trying to find offline or online Portuguese courses? Online courses provide you the freedom to learn from home in comfort, and you may review the lessons at your convenience using the recordings. In-person, traditional classes facilitate better engagement. When you make your decision, take your needs into account. The greatest Portuguese language school in Delhi is Linguapol, whether it is available online or off.

3. Seek reliable institutions

To be sure you are getting accurate language instruction with appropriate information delivery, you need to seek out certified colleges. Similar to native Portuguese speakers, our teachers at Linguapol are also fluent in the language. They have been teaching the language for more than eight or ten years. Additionally, Linguapol offers an online Portuguese course that leads to a degree.

4. Compare the course material that was covered:

For the prices you are paying, look for the precise index of the subjects that will be taught in your course. While learning a language, there are some things that should not be overlooked. These include vocabulary introduction, sentence structure and formulation, pronunciation, grammar, and sound identification. Recognize your level of proficiency at the conclusion of the course. We at linguapol don't impose deadlines on our students since we recognize that everybody learns language at a different rate. Get in touch with us right now to study Portuguese in Delhi.

5. Compare services

Find out if the textbooks, workbooks, and other materials you'll need to learn Portuguese are offered by your school. We at Linguapol provide check-in exams, practice talks, and all the tools you need to become proficient in Portuguese. In order to improve your practice and ability to learn from peers, we also create a community of Portuguese speakers.

6. Examine the testimonies of former pupils.

We check product reviews before making any purchases. In a similar vein, it would be wise for us to go through the testimonies of students who attended a certain university and learned Portuguese. Pupils have nothing but praise for Linguapol. Not only do our students give us good reviews, but they also rank us as the top provider of online Portuguese instruction. You may judge the caliber of our services by looking through our more than 50 glowing testimonials.

7. Examine the cost structure

Investing in language learning is a costly endeavor. When you enroll in a Portuguese language course, you are making a sizable financial commitment. Even if it offers excellent returns, we advise you to think about the value of your money before enrolling in a Portuguese institute in Delhi. You may evaluate this by looking at the caliber of the teachers and their efforts, their credentials, the course material, any extra services offered, the worth and recognition of the certificate, and the potential long-term advantages. In order to provide you with the greatest experience at the most reasonable cost, we provide both offline and online Portuguese instruction of the highest caliber.

Not only will learning Portuguese be beneficial, but it will also be enjoyable on an individual basis. But to do that, you have to pick the ideal path for you. You must make an informed decision by using the internet to browse, study, and read reviews. The greatest Portuguese language courses are available both online and offline via Linguapol. Selecting us to start your Portuguese language learning adventure in Delhi will guarantee that you gain self-assurance, fluency, and precision in your Portuguese speaking.


What our Students said about us

Our students, those who have been trained in language courses from Linguapol have been placed in top-notch companies, and here they are sharing their thoughts and experiences at Linguapol and how our team has guided them to their dream companies.

Attending classes at Linguapol Institute was a game-changer for me. Mrs. Raka Adhikari, the professional tutor here is not only fluent in the Portuguese language but also she puts in efforts to make the learning process fun and engaging. The institute offered practical knowledge by learning, writing, and communicating in the Portuguese language. I am too grateful for such a supportive environment and the progress I've made here has eventually led me to my dream job. I would suggest everyone who wants to learn Portuguese should get themselves enrolled at Linguapol.



Batch of 2021

My time at Linguapol was one of the most productive times of my college years. When I was in my second year of graduation, I joined Linguapol since I always wanted to add new skills so I started experimenting by joining different institutes, but as I found Linguapol, there was no looking back. I joined their Portuguese language course since there is a lot of scope in Brazil for Portuguese-speaking people and I always wanted to shift to Brazil so this course was a major value addition to my career. I would recommend this institute to anyone seeking to upgrade their language skills.


Ratanpriya Singh

Batch of 2021

Studying at Linguapol, not only taught me the language course, but I've also developed a deep appreciation for the culture of Portuguese-speaking people, their values, their traditions, etc., and learning all this has transformed me completely into a new personality. Trainers at Linguapol are so passionate about what they do that they will not only prepare you for jobs but will instill in you a life-long passion for languages.



Batch of 2022

I must say Enrolling at Linguapol was the best decision I've ever made. So I enrolled in a Portuguese language course but ended up learning most of their courses since they teach with so much passion and purpose, one cannot pass over. I'm very grateful for the knowledge and guidance I've received from this institute, They have one of the best faculty members including Mrs. Raka Adhikari whom I respect a lot for the work she does for students, and their curriculum is also designed in a way that benefits the students optimally. I would suggest to everyone to at least add one new language as a skill and what could be better than getting enrolled at Linguapol.



Batch of 2022

I was always fond of the Portuguese Language and I watch a lot of Portuguese movies and videos. So, the idea to learn Portuguese didn’t occur to me out of the blue. As a matter of fact, I was looking for the best Portuguese language training course in India and found there I found Linguapol, I've heard a lot about them so I decided to enroll in a demo class, and I must say that was one of the best decisions I've ever made.



Batch of 2023

What you will Receive

Access to Unlimited

Student Interaction, Quiz, Events, Movie Nights, etc.

ISO -registered certificate that is internationally valid.

Doubt-clearing sessions and personal Guidance

Career Guidance and Network Building sessions.

Interview Preparation & 100% lifetime placement assistance.


Most Frequent Questions

The duration of a Portuguese course varies depending on several factors, including the learner's starting proficiency level, the intensity of the course, etc. Generally, a basic Portuguese course designed for beginners lasts anywhere from 3 to 6 months, while more comprehensive programs may take 1 to 2 years or longer to complete. Ultimately, the length of the course is determined by the individual's learning goals and pace of progress.

No prior knowledge of Portuguese is typically required to enroll in a beginner-level course. Our courses are designed to introduce learners to the basics of the Portuguese language. However, if you have some prior knowledge or exposure to Portuguese, you may be placed in a more advanced course based on a placement test or assessment.

Our courses are accessible for a lifetime, once you've paid for them. we will provide recorded lectures and lessons, notes, and other handouts, and along with that doubt sessions will be conducted from time to time and recordings will be provided for all sessions

We believe in conducting extra classes and doubt sessions every week, to ensure every student is engaged with the course. Extra classes with the teachers are also arranged for students who are interested or have missed previous sessions, we also provide backup classes for each lecture.

Yes, upon successful completion of your course, you will receive a certificate from our institute and this certificate serves as the official recognition of your achievement as these are widely recognized and respected. It will be a valuable addition to your resume, showcasing your dedication to language learning and commitment to your personal and professional development

The basic tips to master Portuguese courses for beginners quickly are to have fun and enjoy the learning procedure. This way you will be able to grasp things easily and fastly. Besides that, you should focus on increasing your vocabulary, which will allow you to make effective communication, take 5 to 10 words a day, and proceed with consistency

The time to become fluent in a Portuguese language speaking course varies from person to person. It depends on the learning environment, dedication towards the goals, and many more, but the key factors are to attend regular classes and build a healthy relationship with your teachers to ensure effective communication.

To improve your Portuguese language course skills, you should focus on regular speaking sessions initiated by the institute, you can maximize your progress by setting clear goals, and communicating with the teachers effectively

Enrolling in an intensive Portuguese course, immersing yourself in the language through daily practice, engaging with native speakers, and utilizing learning resources such as textbooks, online courses, etc. can accelerate your learning progress. While fluency may take longer to achieve, committing to regular and focused practice can significantly accelerate your language learning journey and bring you closer to your goal.

Yes, we conduct demo classes before the beginning of the course, so that students can develop a sense of belief in us, we aim to train as many students and make them proficient in Portuguese language, There will be pre-enrollment meetings with the teachers which will help you make informed decisions


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