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Russian language course is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Our course is crafted specifically for students to follow a structured curriculum to develop proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking skills, gradually increasing the levels of complexity and linguistic depth.

At Linguapol, we focus on mastering essential vocabulary, basic grammar structures, and everyday conversational phrases, and as you progress to the intermediate levels, there will be improved grammar skills and expanded vocabulary. This will enrich your learning experience and foster cultural understanding.

The Russian Language is spoken by around 260 million people around the world and is the official language of four countries. According to the research, the number of Russian language learners dropped from 74.6 million to 38.2. Hence there are more job opportunities and less learners. So keeping these data in mind, we assure you 100% placement opportunities, After the end of this course you will be eligible for jobs in various fields because in India, jobs in sectors such as the IT industry, Bank, KPO, BPO, travel & tourism, hospitality, embassies, and many more offer great opportunities for Russian speakers.

The average salary of a Russian language specialist is around 10 LPA to 12 LPA. So the core offerings of our institute are to guide students toward their goals and achieve their desired packages. These include certifications and experiences we offer our students, along with preparing them for job opportunities, by arranging workshops and one-to-one conversations with native speakers

What will I learn?

  • Enhanced Listening Comprehension - Our Russian course for beginners will enhance your communication skills and boost your confidence.

  • Improved pronunciation - Regular practice and feedback, will help you develop better pronunciation skills, enabling you to communicate effectively and confidently in Russianspeaking classes and environments.

  • Vocabulary Expansion - These German language lessons will allow you to acquire a broad range of vocabulary related to everyday life, thus expanding your vocab to the next level

Russian Language Proficiency Test

TORFL (Test of Russian as a Foreign Language): Accredited by educational institutions and employers in Russian-speaking nations, this test assesses competency levels from A1 to C2 in accordance with the CEFR.

TRKI, or Testing of Russian as a Foreign Language, is a globally recognized method of evaluating Russian language proficiency. It functions similarly to TORFL.

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    Instructor: Ms Vivaksha Vats

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    Lectures: 42

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    Duration: 12 Weeks

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    Enrolled: 20 Students

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    Language: Russian

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    Medium of Instruction: English & Hindi

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Framework of the Course

A1 Level

This is the first level of language, here we will introduce you to the German language, its very basic expressions, alphabet, and grammar from scratch. At this level, you will be able to introduce yourself occupation hobbies, etc., you will learn how to greet people, talk about themselves, and basic sentence formation, etc. Along with that, you will gain basic knowledge about the seasons, the weather, their pronunciations, etc.

A2 Level

This is the second level of German learning. By the end of this course, you will be able to use familiar and everyday expressions and very basic phrases. Introducing yourself, answering questions about personal details, and talking about past experiences are some of the basic interactions that will be taught at this level. It also includes advanced-level sentence formations through nouns, verbs adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, etc.

B1 Level

B1 is the 3rd level of language learning, this is the professional level of learning German. It deals with the reading, writing, and listening skills. At the end of this level, students will be able to express their feelings, and emotions i.e. stress, anger, and joy. Also, we will teach you to structure complex sentences and communicate them effectively. Talking about hobbies, topics of work, school, etc. fluently is what else we cover in this course

B2 Level

This is the B2 level of German language learning also known as the upper intermediate level, at this level, students will gain knowledge about creating long speeches and explaining complex thoughts. You will be arranged interactions with native teachers, listening, practicing, and speaking the native accent. The major topics that we cover at this level are initiating small talks, forming interpersonal relations, and analyzing news from all over the world.

C1 Level

At C1, the advanced level, students will be equipped with an understanding of the longer texts and their meanings, they will be able to express their thoughts fluently and spontaneously, and they will be stuffed with large vocabulary, forming structured sentences without any hesitation.

C2 Level

C2 level is the proficiency level and the last level of the German learning course, at the end of this level, students will be able to understand each and every piece of information with ease, analyze sentences, summarize information, and understand whatever is heard or read without any difficulty

Following Details under each Level

Couse Level Duration Number of Lectures Batch Size
A1 3 months 45 8 (Maximum)
A2 3 months 42 8 (Maximum)
B1 2.5 months 42 8 (Maximum)
B2 2.5 months 42 8 (Maximum)
C1 2 months 40 8 (Maximum)
C2 2 months 40 8 (Maximum)


German Language Course

Career Opportunities

Elevate your Spanish speaking career to greater heights.

Access to Culture

Learning a German language classes will allow you to immerse completely in the culture of France.

International Communication

German being an official language is advantageous for international roles.

Business Expansion

German language classes can facilitate expansion for entrepreneurs.

Travel Opportunities

Knowing the language can enhance your travel experience leading to more leisure trips.

Educational Opportunities

Proficiency in German will enhance your educational opportunities in international organizations such as the United Nations, UNESCO, and many more.

Networking Opportunities

German language classes helps you to build an international network, an essential component for career advancement.

Personal Enrichment

Exploring a new language is a fulfilling and rewarding experience in itself.

Global Citizenship

Learning multiple languages is an asset in today’s world. It promotes respect and tolerance for diversity.


What our Students said about us

Our students, those who have been trained in language courses from Linguapol have been placed in top-notch companies, and here they are sharing their thoughts and experiences at Linguapol and how our team has guided them to their dream companies.

I took my first Russian class at Linguapol last year, I was very fond of learning different languages and Russian was the language I wanted to kickstart my career with. Trainers at Linguapol have made it so easier for me to grab each and every detail of the course. I've learned so much in such a short span of time as they have a very fun and engaging approach towards learning. I didn't realize when I started speaking Russian so fluently. I just could not thank them enough especially Ms. Vivaksha Vats, who made me believe that anyone could learn and speak foreign languages.



Batch of 2021

A few months back I joined their Russian language course, and the growth that I have witnessed since then is unmatchable. Not only I become an expert in this language but also my vocabulary was enhanced, I became a fluent English speaker, along with that the highlight of this course was that I got a chance to interact with native Russian speakers and I am immensely grateful for the knowledge and skills I've gained through this course.


Ratanpriya Singh

Batch of 2021

As soon as I enrolled in this course I started enjoying learning Russian, although I was afraid before joining, but Ms. Vivaksha Vats, the tutor here is so fun and engaging, that you won't feel like you are learning. They also arranged workshops and different activities to make us fluent in the language. At the end of the course, we were provided with certificates and internship opportunities to upskill our careers to greater heights. I would highly recommend their institute to anyone seeking to learn any language course, get yourself enrolled now.



Batch of 2022

What you will Receive

Access to Unlimited

Student Interaction, Quiz, Events, Movie Nights, etc.

ISO -registered certificate that is internationally valid.

Doubt-clearing sessions and personal Guidance

Career Guidance and Network Building sessions.

Interview Preparation & 100% lifetime placement assistance.


Most Frequent Questions

Learning Russian speaking courses faster requires dedication, consistency, and efficient study strategies. Some tips and tricks include surrounding yourself in a Russian speaking environment, to improve your listening and speaking skills.

To learn Russian effectively, enroll yourself at Linguapol, as here we provide one-to-one learning sessions, our courses are designed with a clear curriculum that provides opportunities for practice and feedback. In this way, you will grab the Russian speaking courses effectively

The only interesting way to grab things is to have fun while you are learning since learning what you enjoy doing will always make life interesting, besides that get yourself enrolled for group sessions as studying in a group will create a learning environment around you.

To master the Russian speaking courses, there are few methods that could be put to use, watching Russian media, listening to Russian music, playing language games and activities. All these methods will allow you to learn Russian courses for beginners in an easy way

It involves developing habits, strategies, and routines that support your language learning goals. Focusing on daily communication will allows you to stay consistent and motivated along with seeking feedbacks from the tutors.

To learn Russian language course effectively, just enroll yourself at Linguapol for Russian language course for beginners. Consistent practice and seeking feedback from tutors will allow you to learn Russian effectively and efficiently.

Learning Russian courses for beginners is an exciting and ambitious goal, and choosing where to learn is a question that arises in everyone’s mind. Enroll yourself at Linguapol with us as this is the best place to learn and take classes for Russian and and immerse yourself in a world full of knowledge.

The basic tips to mastering Russian courses for beginners easily is to have fun and enjoy the learning procedure. This way you will be able to grasp things easily and fastly. Besides that, you should focus on increasing your vocabulary, which will allow you to make effective communication, take 5 to 10 words a day, and proceed with consistency


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